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Infographic: Government-Backed Loans for Poorly Ranked Nursing Homes

I recently created an infographic illustrating the key points of a story on government-backed loans for poorly rated nursing homes written by journalist Jeff Kelly Lowenstein and published by the Center for Public Integrity. The graphic was designed as a print handout and was distributed at National Consumer Voice, a national conference of nursing home advocates. This story was one part of an investigation that also showed widespread discrepancies in staffing levels reported by nursing homes, as well as racial disparities present in the quality of care provided by many homes.

This was my first time working on a infographic project, and I was really happy to be able to contribute to hopefully helping people understand the major points of the investigation.


WP HUD Page 2 Final


One Good Reason to Vote

Get Out Of the Vote



One good reason to vote – regardless of who or what you’re voting for – is that many Republican governors and legislatures across the country have been working tirelessly to create barriers to the ballot. Much of this is done under the guise of preventing voter fraud, but the argument doesn’t pass inspection. In Texas, where under current laws citizens can vote using a gun permit but not a student ID, as many as 600,000 people may not be able to vote. Texas’s strict voting regulation is being pushed despite there being only 2 cases of voter fraud out of 20 million votes cast statewide in the past decade. Many politicians have come right out and said what the voter ID laws are about: narrowing the voting pool. For example, Chris Christie said that the GOP needed to win gubernatorial races so that they were the ones controlling the “voting mechanisms” going into 2016. This is because the stricter voting regulations have a disproportionate impact on minority voters.

Still think your vote doesn’t matter?

Ebola in the Newsroom

Ebola in the News Room

The Ebola Scare Virus

Ebola Scare Virus


The World Health Organization labeled Ebola “the most severe, acute health emergency seen in modern times.” This is in part because it affects the world’s most vulnerable populations. Ebola is not easily transmissible in countries with public health infrastructure – it doesn’t spread like the flu – meaning the U.S. is not at any significant risk for a large outbreak. However, the sensationalist tendencies of our media and the paralysis of lawmakers during the election year make it all the more difficult to mount an effective response where the Ebola virus is causing the most damage: In Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. The World Bank estimates that “90% of the economic losses during any outbreak arise from the uncoordinated and irrational efforts of the public to avoid infection.” That being said, the very least we should do as Americans is not allow our fear to act as a further detriment to the already troubled response to this emergency.

AAEC Conference 2014


I recently attended the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists annual conference, and it was a spectacular time. The conference, which featured a wide range of lectures emphasizing the power of the medium, did a great job highlighting the good news of the profession. In particular, presentations on graphics journalism – including reporting done through comics and interactive video-game style pieces — demonstrated the form’s unique ability to allow people to explore stories with greater depth and engagement.

Apart from the panels, it was an inspiring experience simply to hang out with the tight-knit community of political cartoonists, who gave me a lot of much-appreciated encouragement and constructive criticism on the work I’ve created over the past two years. Learning to write and draw cartoons is a long process, and I want to thank everyone who has been following my progress and giving me feedback!

Documents Show ISIS’s Pitch to Investors

We’ve heard a lot about how ISIS uses social media to recruit new members and spread it’s message. And as MATTER pointed out- if ISIS was a start-up, they’d be working with some pretty impressive statistics. But we could never have guessed how much the start-up mindset is engrained in their culture. Recent documents acquired by the Gabbler show ISIS’s latest pitch to investors.

Read the full story at The Gabbler…

At the Center for Cartoon Studies

Center for Cartoon StudiesI’m off this week, taking a class on graphic novels and narrative comic-making at the Center for Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, VT.

I’ve also been working on a particularly difficult cartoon about the language of the conflict in Israel and Gaza, which I will publish as soon as I can stop revising it. More soon!


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