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Buying Influence

Buying Influence

One of the most significant arguments contained in Supreme Court’s recent decisions on campaign finance is the narrow definition of corruption. Chief Justice John Roberts writes that the Court can only concern itself with “quid pro quo” corruption. While he doesn’t define exactly what it is, he makes clear that their definition doesn’t include buying influence, access or ingratiation, and doesn’t consider the possibility of any privileged treatment or “return on investment” as a result. Last week’s cartoon was also on the recent Supreme Court decision.

Money Talks Louder

Money Talks Louder


The Supreme Court’s recent decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission continues the legal trend of treating political spending as a First Amendment right, allowing a select few to have disproportionate influence in elections.


Evolution of a Local Police Officer Featured on the Washington Post!

Radley Balko, the author of “The Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America’s Police Forces,” posted my cartoon the evolution of police at the Washington Post, which I was very excited about.

The Evolution of the Local Police Officer 1850-2014

Police Soldier Militarization


Over the past three decades, local police forces have seen a tremendous influx of military weaponry and technology. Investigative reporter Radley Balko writes that starting in 1997, the “1033 Program” has allowed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of military-grade weaponry to be transferred to local civic police stations. This inventory includes tanks, grenade launchers, and .50 caliber machine guns that are largely impractical for police work. The tactics have also become militarized. Criminologist Peter Kraska estimates that annual deployments of SWAT and paramilitary police have surged from 3,000 in 1980 to around 45,000 in present times. This increase appears to be a result of mission creep — while originally conceived to be used in the most extreme scenarios such as hostage situations and bank robberies, Kraska points out that the majority of SWAT raids are now centered on drug-related crimes, with authorities often breaking down doors during pre-dawn hours to serve warrants. While these forces have an important role in dealing with the most volatile situations, the huge surge in the use of SWAT teams and military-grade weapons for regular police work should raise concerns about the impact of militarization on the relationship between law enforcement and civilians.

Speculation is Breaking News: Missing Malaysian Airliner Edition

Speculation is Breaking News Malaysia Air Flight 370

With few facts to report on regarding the missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, cable news outlets have been filling hour after hour of airtime with wild speculation.


The C.I.A.’s Congressional Oversight

Congressional Oversight

Lately, the Federal government has sought to assure Americans that its intelligence and spy agencies have strong congressional oversight. However, a recent incident involving the C.I.A. allegedly impeding, intimidating, and even hacking the committee responsible for holding it accountable, suggests that the C.I.A. is also overseeing Congress.

19th Century Behavior

Kerry Ukraine Russia


The country that leads the world in foreign military interventions leads the world in condemning Russia’s foreign military intervention. 

Intangible Assets

Digital legacy

The Deadly Source of “Stand Your Ground” Laws

Stand Your Ground's Deadly SourceThe National Rifle Association’s opposition to the regulation of firearms isn’t only guided by the staunch position to protect the “constitutional rights” of gun owners. The NRA has received tens of millions of dollars from the firearms industry since 2005, which it in turn has used to lobby against even the most common-sense gun laws. GOP pollster Frank Luntz found that 74 percent of NRA members and 87 percent of non-NRA gun owners support criminal background checks to qualify for purchasing a gun, yet the NRA continues to lobby against mandatory federal background checks, suggesting it has more than just its constituents’ interests in mind. The NRA has also been using campaign donations and lobbying to promote state legislation, such as Florida’s 2005 “shoot first” Stand Your Ground Law, which has now been adopted by half of the country.  All of this contributes to a legal environment where both ownership and the size of the firearms economy are as widespread and large-scale as possible, and the ability to use deadly force is given to any citizen who purchases a gun.

All About the Green

All about that green


The prospect of legalized marijuana is bringing together a diverse group of eager interests.


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