Never Afraid


Charlie Hebdo

The brutal deaths of the cartoonists, editors and journalists at Charlie Hebdo are a tragic loss.

As eloquently put by Joe Randazzo, a former Onion editor, “This is a loss for all of humanity. The victims, people who believed with passion and intellect that humankind can be better, were struck down in the birthplace of the Enlightenment, the movement from which the modern world emanates.”

At the heart of this story is the contrast between the peaceful freedom of expression and violence.

My focus fell on the bravery of continuing to work and maintain a sense of humor, while under the threat of imminent violence — even death.


One thought on “Never Afraid

  1. I do wonder at the service provided by unrestrained sarcasm.
    No one in my life would use imagery of little Black Sambo,,,, EVER,,,
    There is no suggestion that death is a balance for tasteless, insensitive and incendiary cartooning. Murder has few fans in civilization. BUT,, a sharp pen can do much more damage than a sharp sword. We all know that and still we sit uncomfortably while a minority of cartoonists light fires then retreat behind our protection.
    …. WELL, now we have collateral damage. Innocents ,,, broken and lost,,, . I believe personal responsibility lies also on the one inciting. Human obligation trumps human rights.
    SO,,,, will the courageous cartoonists stand and issue guidance. Toles, Pfeiffer, et al,,,,,, what say you! When is it bullying. When is it sniping,,, and when does innocent blood require ownership of failure.
    I may not agree with your opinion but I would defend it with my life,,, but,, who will defend the innocents. Go ahead my pretties,,,, wash away the blood of innocents with platitudes and mirrors.

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