High School Cartoons on Iraq (2008)

Domestic, International

I didn’t start drawing and studying editorial cartoons consistently until my senior year in college. However, I did draw a few cartoons on Iraq when I was researching Blackwater and military contractors in high school. I drew these before I knew anything about editorial cartoons, and while they are filled with mistakes and questionable decisions (it looks like I labeled a curb “Iraq”), it was my interest in the topic that got me into political cartoons.

One thought on “High School Cartoons on Iraq (2008)

  1. Loved the post this week dan. I always thought the ATM one was exceptional. And I love George as sheriff. This was a good idea for your vacation week. I have been thinking about john mccain and his hawkish views. If he was prez we would be fighting in Syria and Ukraine. Though this plane shot down is reprehensible. As is Israel’s murder of all those palestinians. Sigh. I liked not hearing any news for 2 weeks. Love you

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