Nothing But A Neighborhood Arms Race

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No editorial cartoon this week, but I did do an illustration for a piece by Lisa DeBenedictis on Gun Control over at The Gabbler. Check it out!

neighborhood arms race NRA cartoon

  The following National Rifle Association memo was accidentally forwarded to The Gabbler by Sarah Palin. (Thanks, Sarah!) It outlines why Georgia’s new law, the Safe Carry Protection Act – which allows people the right to carry guns in public buildings such as schools, churches, and restaurants – is an ideal model for gun laws throughout the United States. Lock and load, bitches.

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2 thoughts on “Nothing But A Neighborhood Arms Race

  1. Bet that is one safe neighborhood! Don’t see any lurking criminals in your cartoon. Can’t imagine why?

  2. And given that many states already allow carrying of firearms in churches, places where alcohol is sold, government buildings and few incidents ever happen; what is the prediction for Georgia?

    Love the straw man argument depicted in the image; school children carrying firearms — as if the NRA supports that. When the reality is the firearms carried by children in schools are the ones used by gangs or drug cartels. Funny how you don’t point that out.

    Bob S.
    3 Boxes of BS

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